Releasing into Wholeness

What is the purpose of this life?

This is the question that spiritual leaders, religions, philosophers, etc. have contemplated since the beginning of human contemplation.

Why are we here?

This is what I have come to believe and understand…


We have evolved from animals. We have that built into our DNA and it’s a part of our programming as humans.

It’s why we are born with certain reflexes and have very similar basic needs. We’ve evolved a lot as humans which has allowed the industrial revolution to occur, physicians to invent life-saving medicines and procedures, and other technologies to lengthen our life-span and make life a bit more comfortable.

For the most part and for most Westerners, our basic survival needs have been met.

One would assume with all of those advancements that we should be thriving—healthy, happy, and loving life.

We don’t see that though. We aren’t getting healthier. Mental illnesses and destructive behavioral patterns are increasing. There’s more division and conflict portrayed to us via the news and we now witness it in our communities and within our families—relationships ending over political issues.

So, what happened? How did we go from accomplishing so many things to make life easier to becoming more miserable?

 We forgot who we are.

You see, we are spirits and souls who are existing on this earth in human bodies that are programmed to be concerned about survival first. We still have animalistic impulses and needs.

The industrial revolution gave way to an overly materialistic culture with companies wanting to sell us stuff and leaders who want us to support their initiatives. These people have teams working for them who understand us better than we understand ourselves. We are basically an algorithm to them and they can predict what our needs and wants might be.

If they can hack into the primal system and shift us into a state of fear, sadness, and division, then we will be seeking something or someone to help us feel better….something to allow us to feel whole again.

Guess what? They have just the thing. If you buy this bag of everlasting joy pickle and mango potato chips (coming to a store near you) or go on this trip to the Caribbean or drink this fruity beer concoction you will laugh, smile, have friends, be fit and enjoy life again. And, if you vote for a specific politician, they will protect you from the “other group” who are the “bad guys” and a threat to your survival and the survival of your children. Garlic won’t stop these monsters. You need a real vampire slayer.

We end up giving our power away without even noticing it. We have the illusion of freedom. Also, we are too busy trying to get through the day and addicted to our phones. We don’t have time to pause and reflect on what’s really going on. Or connect with that little voice inside saying, “something’s fishy here.”


These are distractions. All of it. I don’t mean to say that we ignore the real-world issues we face.

What I do mean is that we MUST become centered and wise to who we really are and what’s really going on before we can make meaningful and aligned actions to make things better.

You are more than your programming.

You were sent here to live aligned with the divine force that is in and around you. Your purpose is to remember this as much as possible as you also maneuver this brain and body system that doesn’t necessarily care about your deeper path in life.


You are here to keep unfolding the petals back of who you are revealing new and beautiful layers to be appreciated.

As you do this, you become more and more of who you really are and the petals of illusion, conditioning, and programming fall off.

When we are tapped into this energy, as much as possible, we are truly in our power. We live in wholeness.

We no longer become so easily manipulated by those who are trying to control us because we understand ourselves and accept the humanness of being alive. We don’t become defensive. We no longer look to things outside of ourselves to feel complete and fill those deep needs we all have. We can choose to buy things, go places, and explore purely for the enjoyment and appreciation of these incredible senses that come from these magical bodies and brains.

Coming back home to our True self and into wholeness is what Breathe and Believe teaches. We have found that utilizing the breath/prana/spirit is the simplest way to reconnect us and allow our bodies and brains to enter a state where we can feel unity without the programmed brain taking control.

When we feel this unity, we peel more layers off of the divine flower of our being and become more of who we are.

We teach mindset and daily breathing practices that allow us to integrate this message into our lives, reverse engineering the lifetime of accumulating patterns and creating new neural pathways that align to a spirit filled existence.

Brian and I are creating new events as we evolve our teaching to facilitate these experiences in the simplest and most profound ways. (Check out our new in-person Spiritual Alchemy workshop ;o) )

 We host an Online Certification Course because we recognize we are two people with a LOT of passion to serve and teach this message. We know being tapped into the force will allow us to reach many. But we can reach so many more if we start a family tree of Breathers and Believers who are drawn to deeply uncovering who they are so they too can go out and help others do the same.

Whatever your path, make sure you develop a practice to tap back into who you truly are and be guided to your own purpose in life. 

Breathe and Believe you unfolding flowers. 




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