Be intentional about being intentional

Sometimes we need to be extra intentional about pausing time and allowing ourselves to breathe. 

This time of year is super chaotic for school psychologists. It's when we get hit with a bunch of psychoeducational evaluations, meetings, behavior plans, and are doing a ton of consultation.

It's just a season we go through that sometimes can last all year.
But such is life.

We all go through those periods where we are frantically trying to get it all done—taking care of infants and running after toddlers, cheering on our kids from the stands, getting projects done by deadlines, fixing up our home, working multiple jobs to pay the bills, helping people in need, etc.

There are times in our lives when it is about going and doing. There's nothing wrong with that.

But we have to be extra intentional through those times to still be fully present.

We must be intentional to create the space to allow our minds, bodies, and spirits to pause, see it all, feel it all, and breathe it in.

You see, so often we get so busy getting our to-do list done that we forget why we are doing it in the first place.

We lose touch with our passions, connections, and become disconnected to the love that drives so much of what we do.

But the love is the prana, the energy and life force that fuels us.

When we can create opportunities to come back home to feeling love, gratitude, appreciation, and presence while we are in these seasons, we can cherish these activities instead of resenting them.

Your mind and body will respond positively with increased mental and physical health as well.
Mostly, we stop wishing life away. We stop holding our breath and forcing our way through the seasons.

Life is short.

Your kids will grow...first out of the middle of the night snuggles, then out the sports and activities, and eventually out of your home.
How you spend your time each day, either at home or at a job, can either bring life or suck it dry. What can you accept about it? What can you cherish? What can you alter?

The seasons will change. Time will pass. You will get to the point of being able to look back and reflect on when you were moving through the old seasons and can take pride in getting through the fog.

How did you grow from it? What did you learn?

Do you ever stop to reflect on these things or do you just move right into the next season of doing forgetting to intentionally add times for periods of reflection, going inward, and simply being?

The world and society doesn't teach about these seasons and the importance of being intentional about being intentional and pausing life, to reflect, get to know oneself, feel and just be.

The events we hold allow people to do just that. They might use the "doing" energy to sign up and get themselves to the event.

Once inside, we let it all go.
We let go of any physical tension the body is holding.

We release any emotional turmoil that came in with you.

We even guide you to let go of any attachments to who you think you are outside of the space...there is no, mother, father, sister, brother, teacher, officer, executive, etc. in this room.

Those roles are gone so you can just be You and come back home to the expansiveness of Truth.

You breathe your way into brain states that allow you to feel everything or nothing at all.
To feel whatever it is that has been wanting to be experienced to allow it to release from you, because you've been too busy prior to this to witness it.

This is true healing...coming back to wholeness.

The more we create opportunities to tap back into this energy, the more aligned and fulfilled we get to live.


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