Personal Transformation & Breathwork Training

Get Certified in Personal Transformation, Peak Life Performance & Spiritual Development through Evolutionary Breathwork & Mindset Training. For advancing yourself and/or to get empowered to empower others.

The Next Step In Human Evolution Is Here

We teach true transformation. By focusing on the underlying cause of our human challenges you'll learn how to apply breathwork & mindset to the variety of symptoms that hold us back from achieving our greatest human potential. This first starts with you... an essential element of this life-changing program is your own personal growth. We will walk you through the process, make sure you're ready & provide you the confidence to bring these same skills to other peoples lives.


Breathe and Believe's Breathwork & Mindset Certification Training

8-Week Online Training

Starting October 4, 2023

This certification-training is based on decades of experience & extensive training in eastern & western philosophy, science & application. It provides a comprehensive, highly effective & easy to follow application for living with optimal health, happiness & well-being.  It bridges science & spirit along with masculine & feminine energy to give you an evolutionary worldview for solving the complex nature of the human condition. 


Free Bonus Lesson about Removing the Distractions you get access to upon sign-up.


Course Structure

  • Weekly Online Live & Recorded Lessons
    We meet virtually on Wednesday evenings from 6-8 pm CST. It will be recorded if you can't make the live meeting. We will answer questions during this session, or you can provide your questions through email if you cannot make it. 

  • Online Training Course including Videos, Audio, Assessments & Final Exam
    All content will be available online through our online education portal. This will include weekly lessons, videos, audio, breathwork practices, assessments, and exams.
  • Daily Practice & Text Reminders
    An essential part of this training is in your own dedication to practice. You'll receive daily reminders to keep you accountable to do the daily practices you'll be learning and teaching.
  • Live Lessons via zoom
    You'll also have the option to have up to 3 - 30 minute live coaching calls with Brian or Alecia.
  • Email Access
    Contact us at any time through email with your questions or concerns.
  • Community Focus
    We use online discussions along with access to our private group to maintain a strong community focus.


We'll Train You In...

  • Evolutionary Mindset Training - #1 to our teaching and why this training is so effective is understanding the nature of the human mind, the ego, the illusion of separation, & how to reverse engineer the "human dis-ease." This allows us to address the underlying cause of the challenges we face as a species, such as stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, lack of meaning/purpose/spirituality & even physical disease.
  • Vagal Toning Breathwork®  - Vagal Toning Breathwork® (VTB) is our go-to breathwork sequence & you will be trained & certified in its facilitation. A simple yet comprehensive practice for easily achieving deep states of meditation gives you all the benefits of meditation & breathwork in a single practice. This practice can be customized for any application. It reduces stress, anxiety, trauma, & mental dis-ease. It improves sleep, mental awareness, energy levels, physical/sexual health, & overall well-being. It boosts our immune system & lowers oxidative stress & inflammation. It covers the full spectrum of breathwork & meditation benefits in a single practice.
  • Breathwork for Optimal Health - Learn the science & practice of optimal breathing to address physical disorders such as asthma, apnea, COPD, harmful effects of COVID, sleep disorders, weight disorders, inflammation, oxidative stress, autoimmune disease, & the list goes on...
  • Breathwork for Peak Performance -  Learn the secrets of "super-human" with breathwork & mindset techniques that defy scientific reason. Learn how top athletes use breathwork to activate Flow, or "The Zone," mimic the benefits of high altitude training & bring their body into optimal physiological condition.
  • Breathwork for Spiritual Development & Accelerated Awakening - Breathwork is an ancient secret to spiritual development & accelerating our personal growth. We use the breath to achieve peak states of consciousness to accelerate our personal/spiritual growth & bring us closer to self-actualization, wholeness, & unity consciousness. This is as cutting edge as it gets. You'll learn how this works & how to facilitate it for others.


Here's What We'll Focus On:

  • Psychology - The nature of mental disorders, which lead to physical disorders, the mind & the ego. How to overcome these factors to achieve clear focus, inner peace, mental health & well-being.

  • The Science of Breath - What's really going on when we breathe? How to use the breath to regain control over our health, happiness & well-being.
  • Breathing Right for Optimal Health - How to fix improper breathing & address breathing disorders such as apnea, asthma, COPD, sleep disorders, snoring, etc.
  • Peak Performance - How to use the breath for weight loss, improved energy, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and achieve peak mental & physical performance.
  • "Prana" as Life Force Energy - Breath is essential to our health & energy. We will learn about how the breath relates to the chakras, our energy body & our electromagnetic field (aura.)
  • The Ethics of Teaching, Mentoring Guidelines - To teach/mentor at this level demands integrity & how the morals & ethics of teaching play a role in your effectiveness of helping others.
  • Marketing, Branding & Application - Most certifications leave you with a certificate and "now what?" We want our teachers to excel! We will guide you through this process, help you in your application, and show you the steps to make an income in what you love to do while helping others.


Making a Return on Your Investment

Our goal is to help you help others & make a living (or supplement your income) while doing so. By completing this program you'll be able to market yourself as a breathwork & mindset coach in the following areas:

  • How to address stress, anxiety, trauma, &  mental dis-ease.
  • How to address physical disorders such as asthma, apnea, sleep disorder, inflammation, oxidative stress, etc...
  • Achieving the flow state for peak mental & physical performance.
  • Spiritual awakening & development


Private Breathwork Mentors/coaches make between $60-$200 per session. You can charge $25-$40 per student for group breathwork sessions for groups of up to 50 people. You can make even more hosting retreats or offering packaged services. Of course this all depends on dedication and what you put into being a teacher.


Requirements For Certification

  • 8-Week Standard Course: Must complete all lessons, assessments, breath tests, 60 days of practice, case studies & final examination. The course must also be paid for in full. 


Expect to dedicate yourself to 12-20+ minutes of breathwork and meditation for a minimum of 60 consecutive days. 


Schedule a FREE Call To Learn More

8-Week Certification Course Payment Options:

Certification Course Payment Plan



The Certification Course with a Budget-Friendly Payment Option



Breathwork & Mindset Training Course


8-Week Online Course

Live & Recorded Weekly Lessons with Q&A

Dynamic Breathwork Practices

Access to Online Content

Breath Tests & Assessments

Access To Private Facebook Group

Daily Accountability Reminders

(within the first week of starting)



This course is only available to those who have completed the 8-week Breathwork and Mindset Certification Course.

Shamanic Sound Journey & Breathwork Training


4-Week Online Course

Starts After Standard Certification Course

Live & Recorded Weekly Lessons with Q&A

Shamanic/Trascendental Style of Breathwork

Develop Sound Journey Meditations

Access To Online Content



4-Month Payment Plan



Spiritual Alchemy Breathwork & Sound Journey Meditation Certification Course with a Budget-Friendly Payment Option.
Note: You will receive certificate when payment is made in full.



"I originally went into this certification to deepen my own practice and I came out with a full-blown career that has turned into something bigger than I could have ever anticipated. My gratitude for Brian and Alecia's infinite wisdom, grace and talents because it has set a foundation for me and my business that I could have never predicted. Whether you just want to deepen your practice, deepen your knowledge on breathwork or become a teacher, you will come out fully confident to do all of the above and more. "

Lauren Thompson
Breathwork Facilitator, Los Angeles

"I also completed another certification course after Brian and Alecia's by someone very notable in the breathwork sphere and it was nothing in comparison to the depth that Breathe and Believe provides for their program. It's truly so unique. I cannot recommend Brian and Alecia as teachers and leaders enough. "

Lauren Thompson
Breathwork Facilitator, Los Angeles

"This course not only teaches you breathwork techniques and how to teach them to others but really dives deep into the true power of breath and the effect it can have on our personal development. Brian and Alecia's experience and background provide a really well-rounded course. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is looking to increase their overall wellness and pass that amazing gift on to others. You won't walk away from the course the same - in the best way! "

- Dakotah J.
Dakotah Yoga

"During past several years I took lots of courses in person and online. I would rank your work as very highly recommended to anyone."

Zhenya L.
Breathe & Believe Certification Graduate

"I recently completed Breathe & Believe’s Breathwork + Mindset Coaching Certification Program. What an incredible, impactful, and transformational experience! This was a deep dive into the science and spirit of breathwork. The course material was so well thought out and deliberate. Throughout this entire experience, I felt totally supported by Brian & Alecia and the group as a whole. Even if someone does not follow through in becoming a facilitator or coach the powerful knowledge and inner work of this program is rewarding enough. I am deeply grateful for the experience. "

Kara W.
Breathe & Believe Certification Graduate



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