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Get to Know Us...

Breathe and Believe was founded by two passionate souls...

Brian & Alecia

We are a dynamic duo who weave together our expertise and experiences to create an impactful personal growth experience for clients.  We do this by teaching how to harness the power of our breath and mind. 

We combine eastern and western practices and theory to provide a comprehensive, yet simple model for improving mental and physical health along with a process for spiritual awakening. 

Our complementary skill sets are based in a number of disciplines including psychology (developmental, evolutionary, energy, behavioral, etc.), neuroscience, Integral Theory, Kundalini & Hatha Yoga, the Wim Hof method, Oxygen Advantage breathing,  shamanic breathing principles, along with a deep-seated wisdom in human nature.
We believe that now is the time to take the next step in our evolution and we bring the awareness and tools to make that happen by offering in-person and online workshops and our profound Shamanic Sound Journey and Breathwork Meditations. 
It's time to stop holding yourself back from living a life full or excellence, wonder, and bliss. 
- Breathe and Believe.


"You have a rare ability to create and hold space for the profound transformation and healing that is possible through the combination of breath work and sound. Thanks for showing up to do this work in the world!"

Lisa K.

"Such wonderful teachers. I simply love the classes! Very relaxing and informative. Brian & Alecia have beautiful energy. Much gratitude and love to you both. Thank you and Namaste."

Twila T.

"I always thought meditation was impossible for me because my mind is always going in different directions with multiple thoughts at the same time. I have taken my second meditation Shamanic Breath Yoga with Brian and Alecia and could not to be happier with the results. Amazing experience."

Claudia R.

"I’ve had several major life traumas, so before I was full of hidden fears and regrets. After practicing with Brian, both in his classes/trainings and having a personal practice with him, my once dark train wreck of a life has changed. My past experience is now a Beautiful Trauma with love, purity, hope, joy, unselfishness, and most important, a purpose to serve others."

Pat M.

"Amazing experience every time. Powerful and personal the shamanic breath yoga and third eye opening will catapult you into growth and abundance. Great addition to any yogic practice or just to your everyday. "

Sarah Alexander

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