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I am here for you. It is my passion. I've been called to share with you what I have discovered along my own life pilgrimage.

I am a Nationally Certified School Psychologist who is trained in behavior change and modification (Applied Behavior Analysis); learning and memory; mental health identification, prevention and treatment; counseling and skill development; consultation; neuropsychology; evolutionary psychology; mindfulness; the power of the mind/body connection; and many other areas. I love to use somatic practices as a Registered Yoga Teacher, energy psychology and spiritual connection as a Reiki practitioner and combine it with my nerdy scientific training to maximize the understanding of who we are as energy beings in a physical body living in a complex world. Oh yea, I am also an Oxygen Advantage instructor.

I know from a scientific level the  power of our breath. I have seen and felt the transformation occur. That's why we love teaching it. 

As a busy mom of three, I understand how easy it is to lose ourselves in the world. I also know how necessary it is to have a daily practice to rise above and make ourselves a priority so we can shine our light and share it with others. 

I am grateful that you are reading this and our paths have crossed. Let's breathe and believe together.



In every person I work with I see an inherent capacity to overcome life’s challenges, change others lives and make the world a better place. We are all here on this earth for a reason and the circumstances of our lives (no matter how difficult they may seem) are to assist in the process of human evolution.

My first memory came in my mothers womb. Since that experience life has been a wild journey in understanding the nature of existence and how we can become our greatest version of our self.  I've had my accomplishments but it's the lessons I've learned from failure that have truly taught me the unlimited strength and resilience that lies within and the ability to make life a precious experience.

I am equally passionate about the spiritual as I am the world around us.  I'm certified in Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga and a trained breathwork facilitator in Shamanic, Wim Hof Level 2 and Oxygen Advantage.  I have started a number of businesses based in technology and yoga.  I hold two patents in an award-winning Artificial Intelligence Web Technology and manage a 200 acre family farm for wildlife habitat and restoration.



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