Oracle Reading for the week of November 24th

oracle reading Nov 24, 2019

What message do you need to hear this week? 

This week's oracle card could be applied more generally in your life to inspire you. It could also be specific if you take the time to reflect. 

Be brave and really think about the message. Allow it to permeate within. 

These oracle messages can have a profound impact on your life if you let it. That's our work. To use the insight we are given to stop, reflect, and make it meaningful. Then the challenge is to do the work. 

Have you ever gone to a training for work or read a book hoping to learn something to improve life in some fashion. You feel inspired to do something different. Then, after it's over you go back into the world and back to business as usual. That's our natural tendency and why we tend to have the same problems surface day after day, year after year. 

In order to have lasting changes, we have to be very intentional and dedicate ourselves to reflecting on our lives and plan to do something different. 

You've got this! We've got this! 


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