The Gift of The Infinite


Yoga Numerology

Yoga Numerology is like merging the chakras & astrology to get a blueprint for alignment, self-realization & personal development.


Breathwork & Awakening Coaching

Our coaching is a combination of eastern philosophy with western science along with leading edge practices for removing obstacles, overcoming limits & accelerating your personal & spiritual growth.


I'm Ready, What are My Options?

Focus On What Matters the Most

We are experiencing the most radical & challenging time in human history. We need to elevate ourselves in a way in which we are not torn by division or supporting the dysfunction. By connecting with our inner guidance system for true clarity & direction we can establish higher awareness in order to see the bigger picture & derive win-win solutions. It is time to connect with our inherent gifts in order to help elevate others & reach our fullest potential. This is what we were designed for.


"I’ve been on my spiritual path for many years and have had a few very pivotal, transformational moments where I experienced exponential growth in a short amount of time. From the very first session, I experienced the most profound release, expansion of understanding, and connection with my true self. Brian masterfully guides you through the session and holds space in such a powerful way it is easy to feel safe and experience all that awaits you when you connect more deeply to your breath and embark on the miraculous journey this work offers you. "

- Amanda Johnson, Teacher and Author of "Becoming Enough: A Heroine's Journey to the Already Perfect Self"

Breathwork & Awakening Coaching

Are you ready to take the next step personal development & spiritual awakening? Awakening Coaching is rooted in deep wisdom about the nature of the human condition & how to overcome our divisive & dysfunctional nature in order to reach our greatest potential. The breathwork we offer is profound in its effectiveness, as it incorporates a full spectrum of ancient yogic practices along with a scientific understanding of their exponential benefits.

Awakening Coaching Topics

  • Yoga Numerology & the Kundalini Energy System
  • The Stages of Awakening
  • Removing Distractions for Clear Focus
  • The Human Dis-ease: The Fundamental Nature of Our Challenges
  • How to Overcome Stress, Anxiety, Trauma & Dis-ease
  • The Healing Powers of the Breath
  • The Zone: Peak Mental & Physical Performance
  • Living An Authentic Life & the Importance of Dedication
  • Energy, Sexuality, & Spirituality: Healing the Divide
  • The Energy Body, the Aura & Universal Alignment
  • 3rd, 4th & 5th Dimension Reality
  • Accelerated Awakening Through Peak Experiences


Breathwork for Optimum Health & Wellbeing

  • Overcome stress, anxiety, trauma & the human dis-ease.
  • Access deep levels of mediation & blissful brain states.
  • Override past trauma & build inner resilience.
  • Strengthen immune system & optimize the nervous system.
  • Correct improper breathing; including asthma, apnea, sleep disorders & other dysfunction.
  • Clear, balance & activate healthier energy.
  • Develop proper breathing to reduce oxidative stress & inflammation.
  • Release the feel good chemicals dopamine & DMT for peak-state experience.
  • Strengthen blood flow & circulation for enhanced mental & physical performance.

Yoga Numerology & The Kundalini Energy System

Learn the ancient yogic secrets of the energetic systems that keep us alive & align us with the universe. This unique teaching is unlike traditional numerology. It is rooted in ancient Yogic wisdom & serves as a comprehensive guide to reaching our highest self. It teaches us how to connect with our soul for inner guidance, creativity, peace & wisdom. It teaches us how to balance the divisive nature of our ego & to rise above our human dysfunction. It teaches us about the energy body, which includes our source of life-force energy, our radiance & subtle body awareness. Together this system acts as a blueprint for achieving the Infinite in human potential. 


Yoga Numerology, Breathwork & Awakening Coaching Options

We work with those who are ready to take the next step & who are committed to making an impact on their life & the world. Choose from any of the following three options to get you started on your epic journey.

Yoga Numerolgy


90 Minute Reading via ZOOM or Skype

Yoga Numerology Reading

The Kundalini Energy System

Customized Daily Practice

Lifestyle Recommendations Based on Your Numerology


11-Week Accelerated Awakening Coaching


For 11 Total Sessions

Yoga Numerology Reading

Weekly Coaching

Customized Daily Practices

Access to Online Courses

Transcendental Breathwork & Meditation


Open Email & Texting

Schedule a FREE 15-Minute Call

5-Week Coaching


For 5 Total Sessions

Yoga Numerology Reading

Weekly Coaching

Customized Daily Practices


Schedule a FREE 15-Minute Call

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