Personal Transformation & Breathwork Training

Get Certified in Personal Transformation, Peak Life Performance & Spiritual Development through Evolutionary Breathwork & Mindset Training. 

Advance yourself up your inner mountain and get empowered to empower others.

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We weren't born to live full of stress, pain, and division.

Stress has been named the number one health epidemic of the century by the World Health Organization. (How stressful is that?!?)

Our modern way of tackling problems fails to get to the root-cause of the dis-ease. (Does that make you want to pop an Advil?)

The Stress-Breath Connection® is real & we can breathe our way into a calm, aligned & whole state. Ahhhhhhh! 

The Next Step In Human Evolution Is Here

We Teach True Transformation.

By focusing on the underlying cause of our human challenges you'll learn how to apply breathwork & mindset to the variety of symptoms that hold us back from achieving our greatest human potential.

This first starts with you... an essential element of this life-changing program is your own personal growth. We will walk you through the process, make sure you're ready & provide you the confidence to bring these same skills to other peoples lives. 


Imagine if you could…

Understand the Root Cause of the problems you face.

Learn the healing power of the breath. 

Dedicate yourself to a New Human Story. 

If you are ready to reverse engineer yourself by breathing and believing and want to help others do the same, you have found yourself right where you need to be.


Breathe and Believe's Breathwork & Mindset Certification Training

8-Week Online Training

Starting October 4, 2023


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We'll Train You In...

Evolutionary Mindset Training

#1 to our teaching and why this training is so effective is understanding the nature of the human mind, the ego, the illusion of separation, & how to reverse engineer the "human dis-ease."

Vagal Toning Breathwork®

Vagal Toning Breathwork® (VTB) is our go-to breathwork sequence & you will be trained & certified in its facilitation. A simple yet comprehensive practice for easily achieving deep states of meditation gives you all the benefits of meditation & breathwork in a single practice.

Breathwork for Optimal Health 

Learn the science & practice of optimal breathing to address physical disorders such as asthma, apnea, COPD, harmful effects of COVID, sleep disorders, weight disorders, inflammation, oxidative stress, autoimmune disease, & the list goes on...

Breathwork for Peak Performance 

Learn the "super human"  with breathwork & mindset techniques that defy scientific reason. Learn how top athletes use breathwork to activate Flow, or "The Zone," mimic the benefits of high altitude training & bring their body into optimal physiological conditions.

Breathwork for Spiritual Development & Accelerated Awakening 

Breathwork is an ancient secret to spiritual development & accelerating personal growth. We use the breath to achieve peak states of consciousness to accelerate our personal/spiritual growth & bring us closer to self-actualization, wholeness, & unity consciousness. This is as cutting edge as it gets. 

How to Become an Alchemist & Share it with Others

Interwoven in everything we teach is the understanding that we have the ability to transcend life's limitations & events & grow into a more aligned & powerful version of ourself. We give you the tools & strategies to bring these teachings into an existing career or to start a new one centered around breathwork & mindset coaching. 

We are here in life school—exploring ourselves and the world around us. 

We take life so seriously & forget to enjoy & to trust the process. 

Our mission is to move people out of survival mode & into thriving. We simplify this process by using tools that are free & always available to us, our breath & our thoughts. 

This certification-training is based on decades of experience & extensive training in eastern & western philosophy, science & application. It provides a comprehensive, highly effective & easy to follow application for living with optimal health, happiness & well-being.  It bridges science & spirit along with masculine & feminine energy to give you an evolutionary worldview for solving the complex nature of the human condition. 


What it Means to be Human: The Nature of the Human Mind & The Illusion of Separation

The nature of mental disorders, which lead to physical disorders, the mind & the ego. How to overcome these factors to achieve clear focus, inner peace, mental health & well-being.

The Masculine and Feminine Nature of Everything

Understanding the polarized nature of the universe, the yin and yang, is a huge step in understanding and achieving wholeness. We discuss the polarized nature of existence—sun/moon, yin/yang, masculine/feminine, sympathetic/parasympathetic, being/becoming, etc. These energies are within us all and we need to recognize when they become out of balance. 

Wholeness & The Meditative Mind

Wholeness is the goal and our divine birthright.Heal means "to make whole." We go into what Wholeness is from a neurological state and how we can achieve it including harnessing the Meditative Mind. 



The Healing Powers of Breathwork

We did into the science of breathing. What's really going on when we breathe. How to use the breath to regain control over our health, happiness & well-being. 

Breathwork For Physical Health & Overcoming Respiratory Disorders

We go deeper into functional breathing for optimal mental and physical health. We look at the Vagus Nerve. How to fix improper breathing & address breathing disorders such as anxiety, apnea, asthma, COPD, sleep disorders, snoring, etc.

Breathwork For Peak Mental & Physical Performance

Learn the secrets of  being "super-human" with breathwork & mindset techniques that defy scientific reason. Learn how top athletes use breathwork to activate Flow, or "The Zone," mimic the benefits of high altitude training & bring their body into optimal physiological condition.

Accelerating Personal & Spiritual Development

Breathwork is an ancient secret to spiritual development & accelerating our personal growth. We use the breath to achieve peak states of consciousness to accelerate our personal/spiritual growth & bring us closer to self-actualization, wholeness, & unity consciousness. This is as cutting edge as it gets. 

Ethics of Teaching & Taking it Into Action

We share with you how to be of service by sharing these tools. We prepare you to start working with clients. Additionally, we focus a lot on blasting through the Imposter Syndrome and also being aware of the resurgence of the ego so we can be as impactful and helpful as possible.

Plus you get these Bonuses

Freeing Yourself

Bonus Lesson: "Removing the Distractions Getting in the Way of Living Your Best Life". You get access to upon sign-up so you can clear out those things that tend to pull you away from what's important. Clear out the old, to make space for the new. 


Mastering Mindset

Bonus Lesson: Mindset is without a doubt the most important factor in moving past your limits, keeping your mental state together, managing your nervous system, and receiving the gains of hormetic stress. 

More Upgrades Coming...

We will continue to update and improve the course as we continue to learn more and gain wisdom. Because of this, signing up early to get the Early Bird deal is smart, because we may really add a lot for this next one and will need to increase the price to account for the additional content. 

Meet your Mentors

Brian and Alecia

Brian is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator through the Breath Center in San Diego, CA. He is a Wim Hof Level 2 Instructor and an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor. He is certified in Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga. He has started a number of businesses based in technology and yoga.  He holds two patents in an award-winning Artificial Intelligence Web Technology and manages land for wildlife habitat and future development. Brian has learned a lot from nature, including balance and wholeness, and passes on those lessons to his students. 

Alecia is Nationally Certified School Psychologist who is trained in behavior change and modification; learning and memory; psychological/social/emotional/behavioral difficulty identification, prevention and intervention; counseling and skill development; neuropsychology; evolutionary psychology; mindfulness; and the power of the mind/body connection. Alecia is an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor and a breathwork facilitator. She is also a certified yoga teacher and Reiki Practitioner and is fascinated by quantum physics. 

We are a dynamic duo of masculine and feminine weaving together our expertise and experiences to create an impactful personal growth experience.  We do this by teaching how to harness the power of our breath and mindset to activate peak states of consciousness and achieve peak life performance. 

Here’s Why You'll Love Us:


Masculine/Feminine Balance

We bring together our very different upbringing, life experiences, and expertise to create comprehensive and in-depth teachings. Brian tends to be very masculine, while Alecia is feminine, which balances the teaching. 


We only teach things we understand scientifically and/or have experienced first hand. We don't say a bunch of regurgitated info that sounds great just to sound great. We embody the teachings. 

Teaching from Wisdom

We have both gone through stages of living life per the usual, then having life fall apart and have both found ourselves leaning on these practices to tap back into our inner power and live from our Truth. It is from our own ego deaths and rebirths that drives our passion. 

We Like to Have Fun

Life is too short to take it so seriously. We like to laugh and truly connect with those who take this course. We want to get to know you. 

This Is For:

  • Life Coaches & Mentors

  • Teachers, Yoga Instructors, Energy Healers & Spiritual Leaders

  • Business Leaders

  • Careers which require calm responding

  • Athletes & Coaches

  • Mental Health Professionals

  • People Seeking, Better Health, Deeper Personal Growth &/or Spiritual Development

  • Anyone who breathes and wants to understand how to use the power of their breath and mind to live a life of joy & meaning. 

This Is NOT For:

  • Someone who is looking for a quick fix
  • Someone who isn't willing to dedicate themselves to at least 10 minutes of a breathing practice, every day
  • Close minded individuals
  • A person who is unwilling to look at their ego & the ways they get in their own way
  • Someone unwilling to let go of attachments to their past
  • A person who judges others harshly 
  • Someone who does not have the resources (i.e., time, stamina and/or finances), to invest in this energy exchange
  • Donald Trump or Joe Biden 
  • Someone who does not breathe or have thoughts. ;o) 


Lauren T. 

I originally went into this certification to deepen my own practice and I came out with a full-blown career that has turned into something bigger than I could have ever anticipated.
My gratitude for Brian and Alecia's infinite wisdom, grace and talents because it has set a foundation for me and my business that I could have never predicted.

Whether you just want to deepen your practice, deepen your knowledge on breathwork or become a teacher, you will come out fully confident to do all of the above and more.

I also completed another certification course after Brian and Alecia's by someone very notable in the breathwork sphere and it was nothing in comparison to the depth that Breathe and Believe provides for their program. It's truly so unique. I cannot recommend Brian and Alecia as teachers and leaders enough. 

Shawna H.

Great Experience, Highly Recommend. The synchronicities will start to become apparent as soon as you sign up for this course and soon you’ll realize how this training and practice will work themselves into your life in ways you didn’t expect. And, how by being open and willing to explore, you are giving yourself the opportunity to have a better life going forward. Just Breathe, Believe and Practice.


Nathan H. 

Thank you for sharing the love and wealth of knowledge you two have, I appreciate the "full potato" package you have put together in this coarse. It was very comprehensive from the tangible practicality for the form based world we live in, to the heart centered unspeakable love that we come from. Defiantly a good model of how to live with one foot in both realms. A great practice in Unity Consciousness! All is One. Namaste!


Courtney F.

I have completed their Vagal Toning Breathwork Certification course and have also attended multiple events by these 2 and WOW! Brian & Alecia do such a wonderful job of joining spirit with science in a way that just makes sense. They're such a vibrant duo that bring humor and fun into whatever they are teaching and their workshops are some of the best around. If you are looking to dive deeper into yourself and your breathwork practice, this is it! I feel more myself than ever after gaining knowledge from these 2 and cannot thank them enough for all that they have provided me with. I look forward to more workshops in the future and couldn't be happier for finding these 2 magical beings!

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The Nuts and Bolts of the Course...

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Join Soon To Reserve Your Spot

We cap the class to make sure we give each person what they need. We have sold out before and have many expressing interest. 

We offer a full money-back guarantee within the first week of the course. If after the first week you don't think it's for you, contact us and we'll refund you for the course. 

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Making a Return on Your Investment

Our goal is to help you help others & make a living, or supplement your income,  while doing so. By completing this program you'll be able to market yourself as a breathwork & mindset coach.

Join the Leading Edge Holistic Empowerment Breathwork & Mindset Movement. 

Private Breathwork Mentors/coaches make between $60-$200 per session. You can charge $25-$40 per student for group breathwork sessions for groups of up to 50 people. You can make even more hosting retreats or offering packaged services. Of course this all depends on dedication and what you put into being a teacher.

Become a Part of the Breathe and Believe Family

(and Movement)

Feel within. You may be feeling pull to learn more about the innate power we all hold within and possibly the calling to give back and serve others.

We see those who do our training as a part of the Breathe and Believe family tree. As we share our passion, we connect with more beautiful souls like you and you then connect with others.

We believe the more people who connect deeply to their breath, the power within, and share it into this world the more healing and unity we will see in this world.

This is what the big awakening is all about. 

Help us change the world, one breath at a time. 


We will be adding more content to the course over the summer and expect to raise the price to reflect the advancements. This price will go up at any time. 



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  • Dynamic Breathwork Practices
  • Access to Online Content
  • Breath Tests & Assessments
  • Daily Accountability Reminders

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