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Check out how easy it is to understand the powers of your own breath. Learn a simple practice for strengthening your mind, body & energy for optimal health, happiness & well-being.

Day 1: "Breathe"

Vagal Toning Breathwork™

This breathwork offers instant access to inner calm & deep levels of meditation. It is designed to balance energy, optimize our nervous system & improve Vagal Tone; one of the #1 factors to our overall health & well-being.

Day 2: "Believe"

The Meditative Mind

The Meditative Mind teaches us how to reach peak life performance through stilling the mind & finding balance in our life. This energy of the heart is where we change on behavioral, mental and emotional levels. It puts us in the driver's seat of our life, & provides inner guidance, strength & wisdom.

Day 3: "Feel"

The Radiant Body

We have all felt bliss & the ecstasy of life at some point & we deserve to experience this more.  When we are in this energetic state every cell in our body is radiant & every aspect of our life is enriched.


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