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Learn the secrets of the breath & master the mind-body-spirit connection for peak life performance.

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Meditation in Action

Science has revealed the key to peak performance and it's the same thing yogis and sages have known for thousands of years. When we are in Flow our brains and our bodies shift into a super-human gear. This shift reveals what it truly means to be human. It makes us capable of operating at exponentially more effective levels. It brings us higher purpose and a peak experience.

The key to accessing Flow is in the Meditative Mind, and we show you how to access and develop this Gift through the breath. This is what we teach—how to achieve peak mental, physical, and emotional states through the power of the breath and the mind. This will guide you to get beyond the physical body and mental conditioning so you can reach peak mental, emotional and physical conditioning. You'll rewire your mind and your body chemistry to live in Flow. When we live in Flow we connect with our True Self, we see life clearly. It becomes a playground for us to explore and enjoy.


Yes, I Want Mastery!

Why This Course?

We've fine-tuned breathwork techniques from various traditions to offer a comprehensive and highly effective online course. We teach you how to Master your life by using your breath. Mastery is not simply about surviving—it is for you to live an extraordinary existence.


Transcendental Breathwork for Peak Life Performance


"A Four Week Online Transformational Experience." 



Evolutionary Breathwork Practices That Will Help You:

  • Strengthen your Vagus Nerve & your Mind-Body-Energy Connection.
  • Access & develop your ability to be at ease & in Flow... the Meditative Mind.
  • Develop clear mental focus for greater productivity, creativity & problem-solving skills.
  • Experience deep levels of mediation & blissful brain wave states.
  • Strengthen the immune system & optimize the nervous system.
  • Clear & activate life-force energy. Strengthen the Chakras.
  • Develop proper breathing to reduce oxidative stress & inflammation.
  • Release the feel-good chemicals dopamine & DMT for peak-state experiences.
  • Strengthen blood flow & circulation for enhanced mental & physical performance.
  • Achieve the benefits of high-altitude training.
  • Overcome stress, anxiety & dis-ease on demand; override past trauma & build inner resilience.


Do you desire the ability to access the deep benefits of meditation?

Studies prove the overwhelming benefits of meditation, including living with more inner peace, happiness, and well-being. However, in today's world of endless distraction, using the mind to still the mind is almost impossible. Our techniques are an extremely effective way of achieving deep brainwaves and experiencing profound meditative states. Meditation and deep insight have never been easier and natural.


Do you feel out of balance?  

We simplify the complex world of the mind-body-energy connection and show you how to bring physical, mental, and emotional balance into your life.


This course teaches us why our body & mind make us feel & act in certain weird/self-sabotaging ways.  You'll gain an understanding about yourself that will allow you to customize your breathwork practice for your own needs.


This work goes directly to the source of what holds us back from living a greater life.  It goes to the root of the challenges we repeatedly face & elevates us above the human "dis-ease."


Do you seek better levels of performance in your life?

The breath is the only part of our Autonomic Nervous System we can control. We can use this to bring stillness to the mind and bring our body into an optimal state. We will teach you about the Meditative Mind & the science behind achieving peak mental, physical and emotional states.


Have you ever desired a connection to source and wholeness through peak-state experiences?

Profound awakening experiences, along with DMT & dopamine releases, are cool and easy to achieve with breathwork. Our Transcendental Breathwork is specifically designed for this and similar to a mini-ayahuasca experience. One thing is for certain though, you'll definitely want to plan and prepare yourself for this experience.


4-Week Online Course Includes:

  • 4 Weekly Lessons with Video & Audio Recordings
  • Multiple Breathwork & Meditation Practices
  • Bonus 1 hr Shamanic Breath Yoga, Meditation & Sound Journey.  






Breathwork For Peak Life Performance

We can use our breath to hack into the nature of who we are and unleash our greater human potentials. It gives us the means to overcome our challenges at a fundamental level and excel in everything else. This course provides a comprehensive set of dynamic practices to elevate your energy, make you feel amazing, activate inner healing, and help you live with more Flow and inner peace. This takes commitment. Use your breath to elevate the Journey of your Soul.

Vagal Toning Breathwork®

This breathwork series is designed to raise Vagal Tone to overcome challenge, be in the flow & live in the Power of Now. It helps you reach deep states of meditation & optimizes the nervous system. It builds inner calm & promotes health & well-being.

Energy Activation Breath

Energy is key to our health, happiness & well-being. This breath teaches you how to master your energy to feel a superior state of being. It's amazing for clearing negative energy, activating the chakras & feeling awesome on a daily basis.

Bliss Breath

This breath brings cohesion to mental/emotional states so that we can transcend overwhelming negative thoughts & undesirable feelings. It also boosts the immune system & heals the physical body. Best of all, it creates a totally blissful feeling by releasing dopamine, endorphins & adrenalin.

Samadhi Breathing

This deeply healing & powerful breath is design to provide you fulfillment & meaning through experiencing Oneness. It can clear trauma, disease, & reveals life-changing insight. It offers a peak-state experience for accelerating personal development.

Why Breathwork?

Breathwork is rapidly gaining recognition as a superior approach to optimum health.  Studies prove the long-term effectiveness in addressing trauma, anxiety, depression, inflammation, etc...  Breathwork is so effective in helping PTSD that the Department of Defence now supports it as a treatment.

The breath is the only part of our autonomic nervous system we can control and when we control our breath we control our health in mind, body and spirit.  On the other hand, If we are improperly breathing during sleep and throughout the day, we are placing significant strain on our entire being.

Our Goal in this course is for you to discover two very important things:

  1. The quality of your life is measured by the quality of your breath,
  2. Control your breath and you control your life.

Breathe and Believe


Frequently Asked Questions

The wonderful thing about Breathwork is it is available to anyone who can breathe!  However, we do need to take precaution with certain styles of Breathwork, especially Intense breathing exercises, such as the ones available in this course.  Intense Breathwork practices are not suitable during pregnancy, for those with epilepsy, or if you suffer from heart conditions or serious health conditions.  As with most physical exercises, If you have any questions or concerns about if it is right for you please consult a doctor. 

Absolutely not. We start at the basic level of focusing on breathing practices and move up from there. We also try and provide as much practice as a discussion so everything you learn you can also experience on your own. This course is especially geared towards the first-timer, or for anyone new to our teachings, as we bring in a lot of different concepts from various traditions into one application.

Achieving meditation (or what we refer to as The Meditative Mind) is not easy on its own, especially in today's world with so many distractions. We do not even recommend standard meditation practices when you can experience so much with a little help from guided breathwork. With breathwork and proper awareness, meditation can become a lot easier and more beneficial when incorporating the breath. Likewise, The Meditative Mind is something we can achieve throughout our day even when we are driving, cleaning, working in the garden or whatever. Anything that can put you in the present moment (The Power of Now) is putting you in the meditative state. Later on in this course, and in subsequent courses, we will talk about The Energy Body as another means of achieving The Meditative Mind while simultaneously placing your body in an optimal healing state.

The best way to learn anything is through experience. This is why we put extra emphasis on daily practice. The more you practice the easier it is to achieve the Meditative Mind, the Power of Now, wholeness, and the Energy Body. Daily dedication is important because it solidifies wholeness into our lives and builds the inner strength to overcome life's challenges. It's all explained in this course, but we want to make sure you know the importance of dedication!

We are transparent, easy going & want to be sure you are satisfied in every way.  We also want to be sure you gave yourself the best chance to make this opportunity work.  If you practiced the breathwork daily and you still feel this isn't for you, email us within 21-days of your purchase. Please tell us why (which will help us build a better product) and we will refund you entirely.


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