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Check out how easy it is to understand the powers of your own breath. Learn a simple practice for strengthening your mind, body & energy for optimal health, happiness & well-being.

Day 1: "Breathe"

Vagal Toning Breathwork

Experience inner calm & deeper levels of meditation with this evolutionary practice.  Designed to balance energy, optimize our nervous system and raise Vagal Tone; possibly the #1 physiological factor to our health and well-being.

Day 2: "Believe"

The Meditative Mind

The key to any behavioral, mental or emotional change is through awareness of what we often call "The Meditative Mind." It puts you in the driver's seat of your life.  It provides wholeness & bigger picture thinking. 

Day 3: "Feel"

The Radiant Body

We have all felt bliss and awe at some point in our life.  When we are in this energetic state every cell in our body is healing and every aspect of our life is enriched.  This is our optimal state, and it is our goal to get you there as much as possible.


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