The Radiant Body

21-Day Program for Optimal Well-Being in Mind, Body & Spirit


Unleash Your Inner Greatness

Within all of us lies the super-human potential to overcome life's challenges and live with energetic radiance, bliss and well-being. The key to our empowerment lies first in recognizing what it is that is holding us back (mind), how we can build inner resilience (body), and how we can align ourselves with greater purpose and meaning (spirit.) In this course you will learn how to master these three fundamental elements for radical self-development and protection from the external challenges of the world.


"The Radiant Body"

21-Day Online Group Coaching Program - Freewill Donation

You can Join us at any time.

3 weeks of continual online, live & recorded lessons & practices that will help you develop your Radiant Body.


Here's What This Package Includes:

  • Online Lessons Sunday's 9-10am, & Q&A on Weds 6-7pm Central, Live & Recorded
    • Lesson 1: Mind - Inner Calm, Living in the Now & The Meditative Mind
    • Lesson 2: Body - Optimize Your Health & Boost Your Immune System for Peak Life Performance
    • Lesson 3: Energy/Spirit - Shield of Protection, Accessing Your Gift & Developing Inner Guidance
  • Breathwork & Meditation Practices to Practice on Your Own
    • Vagal Toning Breathwork® - For Easier Meditation & Systematic Balance
    • Bliss Breath - For Circulation, Immune System, Reducing Inflammation & Deeper Meditation
    • Strengthening the Aura - For Energetic Shield of Protection.
  • Kosmic Breathwork & Sound Journey Meditation Sessions, on Facebook Live/Recorded
  • Ongoing Access to Content including the ability to continue with the next Live groups
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Group
  • Daily Text Reminder


Topics We Cover:

  1. What is the Radiant Body? How can we use our own energetic nature as a source of protection, projection, inner strength & higher guidance.
  2. Rewire Yourself: Overcoming fear, stress, anxiety, trauma & "Dis-ease."
  3. Freeing Yourself: Remove the distractions getting in the way to living with bliss & radiance.
  4. The Healing Powers of Breathwork: Strengthen your immune system, reduce oxidative stress & optimal physical performance.
  5. The Chakras & The Aura: Your energetic defense system & shield of protection.
  6. Alignment: How to access your energetic gift & project it into the world.


Be prepared to dedicate yourself to 12-20 minutes of daily practice for a minimum 21 days. We recommend you continue with your daily practice for a total of 120 days for lasting results.

 Join at anytime to receive access to previously recorded class and links to the live lessons. 

***In Light of Economic Uncertainty We are adding a Freewill Donation Option***

Contact us to let us know how much you are wanting to pay to join.



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Who is this for?

Are you an empath, energy worker, work in the medical field or service industry, or are exposed to too much harmful energy? Do you wish to understand how you can protect yourself from outside influences & disease? Do you seek a deeper understanding of yourself & how you can align with the abundant nature of the universe?

Points of Emphasis:

• How the Energy Body is our natural resource for protection, energy-healing & personal empowerment. 
• How to strengthen your Immune System, Nervous System, Stress-Response System, along with other vital systems for optimal health.
• How to clear your Aura of negative energy and past karma.
• How the chakras relate to us physiology, including the health of the Vagus Nerve, and the Aura.
• The Vagus Nerve as the most important physiological property for well being, inner resilience, and overall health.
• The bridge between science & spirit, the infinite and the finite.
• Daily practices for strengthening the Energy Body, the Aura, the Chakras and the Vagus Nerve.
• How you can become the master of your reality and live with purpose, passion & meaning.



"There is Brian, and there is Alecia, and then there is Brian & Alecia. Each is complete and amazing on his/her own, but together is yet another level entirely. Their different gifts and skills complement each other perfectly, and the synergy of their collaborations will refresh your soul. Together, they have helped me to both find vital bits of myself that I had lost along life's path and discover new spaces for exploration. Their work is truly life-changing."

- Dori Q.

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