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Here are some options for accelerating your path of Awakening, Empowerment & Inner Healing. 


"The Shaman Within" Kosmic Breathwork & Sound Journey Meditation

This unique breathwork releases the feel good molecules of dopamine, serotonin & oxytocin; along with the spirit molecule DMT. Students of this practice report profound levels of meditation, deep brain states, visualizations, awakening experiences & self-healing.

1-hr of Guided Breathwork & Shamanic Sound Journey Meditation



The Radiant Body: 21 Day Automated Online Program

Radical times call for radical measures and we were made for these times.

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the chaos around us. We feel bombarded with messages of things to fear from overpopulation, environmental problems, political unrest, exposure to harmful energy, violence, misinformation, and disease.

When we develop energetic awareness, we access the most dynamic aspect of ourselves & this may be the greatest gift of this lifetime. This is our Radiant Body. It acts as a source of inner guidance, energetic protection & the ability to project our gift into the world.



Direct Mentoring/Coaching

We work directly with individuals or groups, in-person or online.

  • Breathwork Sessions (With or Without Reiki)

  • Kosmic Breath, Meditation and Sound Journey

  • Reiki and Intuitive Healing

  • Yoga Numerology with Personalized Daily Practice

  • Workshops/Presentations

  • Spiritual and Empowerment Coaching


Spiritual Alchemy Made Simple

This course pinpoints what it means to be human & the fundamental nature of "dis-ease."  We focus on why we have our struggles in order to teach you tools to overcome your challenges, whatever they may be.  You'll gain the awareness & resilience to turn fear, pain & suffering into love, strength & well-being.




Kosmic Breathwork MasterClass

Breathwork is rapidly becoming recognized as a superior tool to holistic health & well-being.  It optimizes our physiological processes & promotes mental & emotional strength & healing.  It is also a highly effective means to spiritual awakening.  This course focuses on 4 dynamic practices that will bring you all the benefits of breathwork in 21 days.




Sign Up For Both - $108

With Spiritual Alchemy Made Simple and Transcendental Breathwork online MasterClass combined you'll have everything you need to educate yourself and gain the tools for radical transformation.


Breathwork Coaching Certification Course

Live & Recorded Weekly Lessons with Q&A

Dynamic Breathwork Practices

Access to Online Content

Breath Tests & Assessments

Access To Private Facebook Group

Daily Accountability Reminders

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Certification Course with Shamanic Breath & Sound Journey

Access to everything with the Certification Course


Three Week Addition to the Certification Course to learn the deep breathwork meditation practice Breathe and Believe has been known for...

The Shamanic Breathwork & Sound Journey

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"I had never heard of breathwork before and honestly had no expectation. WOW! I had such a profound and spiritual experience. I could not believe it! Last night was, by far, the most powerful spiritual experience I have ever had. I feel so fortunate that I stumbled upon this practice. Thank you both for sharing!"

- Gabrielle

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