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Breathe and Believe consists of Breathwork Facilitators, Yoga Teachers, Mindset Coaches and Energy Work Practitioners. We are willing to share our knowledge of yoga, breathwork, mindset, psychology, nutrition and natural therapies with you.


We are not medical doctors, nor do we diagnose, prescribe, mitigate or claim to cure any disease or condition. Our services are not intended to be substituted for the care of a licensed medical doctor or licensed mental health practitioner. You affirm that our services are appropriate for you and do not conflict with existing medical or psychiatric treatment. We offer intense breathing exercises that are not suitable during pregnancy, or for those with epilepsy, heart problems or severe medical conditions. Always seek out and follow the advice of your physician or other professional medical practitioner before considering alternative treatment and physical practices. You are aware that there is a slight chance of death and we are not responsible for any bodily harm. Breathing in a room with others may expose you to airborne pathogens such as Covid-19.

You may be photographed or recorded via audio during classes or workshops and these photographs/audio files may appear in promotional materials. 

Any questions asked by our team are solely to assess the status of your health and wellness, and not for the diagnosis of disease or other pathologies, though it may help us in our mutual goal of furthering your health if we understand a diagnosis given by a licensed medical practitioner. Our recommendations are only for the purpose of optimizing your mental, physical and emotional well-being and teaching you about the uses of yoga, breathwork, meditation and other holistic practices. Our services are to enable you to better understand yourself, your relationships and make desired changes. We cannot and will not predict outcomes or make decisions for you. We provide information and practices and it is up to you to do the work. You assume full responsibility for your actions, inactions, success and shortcomings which relate to any services.

Although we offer tools for positive change, a rare client may experience negative reactions. You accept any and all risks for any adverse reactions you may have. At times, you may find yourself in a deep meditative state. You are responsible for your actions during and after these experiences, including but not limited to operating a motor vehicle. You forever release Breathe and Believe teachers from any and all claims for liability and damages of any kind whatsoever which you may at any time have, including without limitation personal injury, emotional distress and negligence (excluding only willful misconduct).

“I, the undersigned, have read and agree with the above statements and wish to participate in Breathe and Believe services. I understand that the information that I may receive in writing or verbally regarding yoga, meditation, diet and lifestyle is intended for personal guidance and education only, not to treat or diagnose any condition, nor to be representative as a practice of medicine. No guarantees will be made to me in regards to a cure of any condition from which I suffer. I understand if I engage in cold therapy, I am taking on the risks that are associated with it. I have done my own research and also understand that there is a slight chance of death. I know that breathing in a room with others may expose me to airborne pathogens such as Covid-19. I request the breathwork & mindset coach suggestions, recognizing that I am free to act upon or disregard the recommendations as I choose, and as such, release Breathe and Believe of all responsibility for my actions and any consequences thereof, both now and in the future. I affirm that Breathe and Believe services are appropriate for me and do not conflict with existing medical or psychiatric treatment.”

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The Shaman Within: Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork and Sound Journey Meditation

The Hot Room
Thursday, Nov 16th
6-8 PM
1930 North Ave
Spearfish, SD

Have you ever been drawn to personal transformation, empowerment or healing through a shamanic journey?

Join us for a transcendental experience that is designed to help you realize the infinite nature of who you are and your own ability to thrive and heal.

This journey weaves together yogic pranayama, western physiology, South American shamanism and a powerful shamanic sound journey laced with harmonic frequencies. The breathwork releases the feel good molecules of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin; along with the spirit molecule DMT. Students of this practice report profound levels of meditation, deep brain states, visualizations, awakening experiences and self-healing.

We are not shamans. You are the shaman of your life. We simply guide you through the process of personal transformation and self-healing through sound, breath, and awareness.

This event will also include the use of Cacao, a heart opening stimulant used for thousands of years for awakening and self-healing. See below for more information on Cacao.

About the facilitators:

Brian and Alecia of Breath and Believe are Breathwork and Mindset Mentors. With decades of experience and certifications in the Wim Hof Method, Oxygen Advantage, Shamanic/Transcendental Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Reiki, and more, they weave together masculine and feminine energy along with eastern spirituality and western science in order to create deeply elevating experiences. Their foundation is rooted in their own transformation process along with a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of consciousness and how to rise above the chaos of our world... What they refer to as spiritual alchemy.

Together they own Breathe and Believe, offering live and online classes and workshops to help people achieve optimal states of health, happiness and well-being.

*Not suitable for those who are pregnant or experience epilepsy, heart problems or severe medical conditions.

Space is limited and these events do fill up.

More about Cacao:
Cacao is known throughout South America as the "Elixir of the Gods." It is a powerful medical plant for opening the Heart Chakra and expanding our awareness/consciousness. It can aid in personal transformation, awakening, removing negative patterns, or to simply feel a deeper connection with higher self and source consciousness.

Cacao in its raw and natural state contains over 300 compounds, including the chemicals anandamide, phenylethylamine and theobromine which are known for euphoric-blissful states. The cacao we will use in this ceremony is pure, ceremonial grade.

Stay connect with us:
Facebook: Breathe and Believe
Instagram: www.instagram.com/breatheandbelievellc
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCDxY3-82CJ-AwAerT123HTg