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We are here to teach you what we have learned, experienced, and found to work for others and ourselves. 

We are guides in your journey. We don't know what is best for you; we are giving you tools to figure that out for yourself. Therefore, you are in charge of you and responsible for your own choices and actions. We support you! 

***We offer intense breathing exercises that are not suitable during pregnancy, or for those with epilepsy, heart problems or severe medical conditions.  Always seek out and follow the advice of your physician or other professional medical practitioner before considering alternative treatment and physical practices.***

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The Radiant Body - 21 Day Group Coaching Program

3 weeks of online, live & recorded lessons & practices that will help you develop energetic strength, protection & guidance.


What you'll get:

  • 3 Group Online Lessons & Q&A, Weds 6-7pm Central, Live & Recorded
    • Lesson 1: Mind - Inner Calm, Living in the Now & The Meditative Mind
    • Lesson 2: Body - Optimize Your Health & Boost Your Immune System for Peak Life Performance
    • Lesson 3: Energy/Spirit - Shield of Protection, Accessing Your Gift & Developing Inner Guidance
  • 3 Breathwork & Meditation Practices to Practice on Your Own
    • Vagal Toning Breathwork® - Easy Access to Meditation & Systematic Balance
    • Bliss Breath - For Circulation, Immune System, Reducing Inflammation & Deeper Meditation
    • Strengthening the Aura - For Energetic Shield of Protection
  • 3 Transcendental Breathwork* & Sound Journey Meditation Sessions, Sunday's 9am-10:00am, on Facebook Live/Recorded
  • Ongoing Access to Content
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Group
  • Daily Text Reminder

*Intense Breathwork practices are not suitable during pregnancy, for those with epilepsy, or if you suffer from heart conditions or serious health conditions.


**Please note that in order to receive supportive email reminders throughout this course, you must click the box "Subscribe to our email list."