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Elevate your awareness & raise your vibration to overcome the challenges of life & thrive in health, happiness & well-being.


Spiritual Alchemy Made Simple

An accelerated online course in awakening your inner ability to turn challenge & limitation into strength & opportunity.

  • Stress has been dubbed the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century” by the World Health Organization.
  • The effect of stress on our emotional and physical health can be devastating. 
  • 95% of all illnesses are related to lifestyle choices, chronic stress, and toxic factors in the environment.
  • We have so much more control over our fate than we were led to believe. 


Life can get hard and uncomfortable. We are bombarded with a million things that we have to get done and often feel like we are falling short. We can begin to feel that we aren't good enough. Our mental and physical health suffers. We keep trying to accomplish more and more thinking that will relieve our pains. We feel like we are merely existing.

What would it feel like to move beyond these stressors? What would it feel like to fully live?

THAT is why you are here! 

Within each and every one of us lies the power to live beyond our limitations and experience joy, happiness and ultimate fulfillment in our lives.  This is the purpose of our existence and no matter how challenging life may seem, everything that happens to us happens for a reason and happens FOR us.


The true shift into Spiritual Alchemy is when we transcend our conditioning and stories and see obstacles and hardships as opportunity for growth.


“Alchemy,” is the ability to transform from our hardships and obstacles to become stronger, better, happier and more empowered human beings.  When we become Alchemists, we evolve beyond the limitations of the world and the self-destructive nature of our Ego. We turn lead into gold. 


This online course will cover these fundamentals in becoming an Alchemist:

  • Human nature & the reason for the challenges we face
  • How using breathwork helps us access deeper states of meditation & brings our mind & body into an optimal state
  • Living a mindful lifestyle that frees us of life's difficulties and improves our mind-body-spirit so we can experience everlasting happiness and well-being
  • Understanding and utilizing breath practices for overcoming stress, anxiety, fear, trauma, depression, etc., and getting us into "the Zone"
  • The Vagus Nerve and how Vagal Tone is essential to our health and well-being
  • The healing power of sound
  • The Energy Body & how we can activate it



Spiritual Alchemy Made Simple

Develop a basics understanding of what it means to be an Alchemist.  Learn how to use your breath to overcome fear, anxiety, stress, depression, trauma & the majority of challenges people face.  Make "the shift" into a higher state of being to embrace life's challenges and turn your struggles into opportunities.

Includes Vagal Toning Breathwork, specifically designed to put our mind, body & spirit in an optimal state of health & well-being.

Duration: 10-15 minutes a day of practice. 7 Lessons can be completed in 2-4hs.

Practices: 6 Breathwork & Meditation Practices.

$59 - Lifetime Access


Vagal Toning Breathwork

The Vagus Nerve is the largest nerve and may be the most important part of our body when it comes to health, happiness and well being.  When our Vagus Nerve is strong (high Vagal Tone) we feel active, alive, and we have the desire and inner resilience to overcome life's obstacles.  Studies show that raising Vagal Tone addresses symptoms of anxiety & PTSD long term.  

Vagal Toning Breathwork is designed specifically to raise Vagal Tone, optimize your Autonomic Nervous System and increase your ability to be in the Zone.

Studies prove that by raising Vagal Tone you can:

  • Harmonize Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous Systems
  • Optimize the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Reduce Symptoms of Stress, Trauma & Disease
  • Achieve Deeper & Easier States of Meditation
  • Activate Deeper & Healthier Brain Waves
  • Experience Stronger Energetic Balance

Breathe and Believe Other Offerings

Transcendental Breathwork Online MasterClass

Breathwork is rapidly becoming recognized as a superior tool to holistic health & well-being.  It optimizes our physiological processes & promotes mental & emotional strength & healing.  It is also a highly effective means to spiritual awakening.  This course focuses on 4 dynamic practices that will bring you all the benefits of breathwork in 21 days.



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With Spiritual Alchemy Made Simple and Transcendental Breathwork Online MasterClass combined you'll have everything you need to educate yourself and gain the tools for radical transformation.


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