Breathe, Believe & Be The Best YOU

Group or Individual Teaching & Guidance

You are here for a reason! You have a purpose with special gifts. You have a mission to complete. Having a coach and the right awareness will accelerate the process for you. 

It's Your Soul's Journey!

As your guide we will provide you with the tools and understanding to finally step outside the confines of being human and activate the infinite-creative-healing force that lies within.



Wherever you are on your path to awakening, we can guide you.

The path to awakening can be made easier by having an Empowerment Coach to guide you on your journey. We understand the process because we have lived it and we have spent years perfecting how to facilitate this transformation. Having a coach will allow you the safety to truly dig deep as you uncover your truth, while feeling comfortable in the process. You will be supported each step of the way.


Rewire Your Brain. Redefine Your Life. 

Personalized Teaching & Guidance to Bust Through Limitations & Achieve Your Dreams


You are the engineer of your brain.

It turns out we have so much more power than we were ever led to believe. We are not a victim to our genetics or past. 

Until recently, the conventional thinking was that our brains were hardwired at birth and therefore unchangeable.

But the good news is that our brains are constantly being reshaped by our daily experiences.

You can control improve how you think, act and behave if you choose your actions and experiences with care.

That's where we come in to help you become the Master of YOUR Life! 

  • Options: 
    • 90 minute Clarity and Power Session where we  develop actions steps to move you forward. 

    • 5 Session Deep Dive into uncovering limiting beliefs and stories and moving you through them. 
    These are personalized to YOU and the sessions may include: 
    • Cacao Ceremony including intention setting and going deeper inside your layers
    • Plans for Habit Changes
    • Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping
    • Reiki Healing
    • Oracle Readings
    • Breathwork Practices & Training 
    • Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, etc. 

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You are NOT alone!

Experiencing a spiritual awakening can feel isolating and confusing. But it is also one of the most beautiful and transformational experiences you can have. Life will never be the same. 

Your True Self/Soul/Intuition (whatever it is you like to call it) realizes that the external material world can never bring true fulfillment and meaning. When we understand this, we question the way we and others are living. The world can feel like a game. We realize that we need to develop richer connections, purpose and meaning, because that IS what will leave us feeling whole. 

Sign up! OR, if you aren't sure if this is right for you, contact us to schedule a 15 minute phone call to discuss this further with Brian or Alecia. 


Extensive Awakening: 11 Week Individual Coaching/Guidance

This is a life-changing, profound opportunity that is only meant for those who are ready to face the challenge and truly uncover purpose and meaning in life. If you are called to do deep energetic work, self-development and inner expansion on a one-on-one level then this is for you. We will dive into the nature of your "dis-ease" to remove the blocks and replace them with tools for accelerating personal growth and accessing life-force energy. Expect a transcendental experience that will lead you to higher guidance, deeper meaning and personal empowerment.

Here's what this package includes:
  • 11 week program
  • 90 minutes weekly 1:1 sessions (will be recorded for you to reference back to)
    • Sessions 1-6: individual lesson, practice, and discussion to truly understand the journey
    • Sessions 7-10: Practices to help you truly connect with your Soul/True Self
    • Session 11: Review/Wrap-up
  • Weekly online group Q&A sessions (also recorded if you can't make it)
  • Breath Test and Weekly Reviews;
  • Unlimited Email Access;
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Group; 
  • Office Hours;
  • Access to hours video lessons and practices;
  • A Breathe and Believe T-Shirt


Topics/Practices will Include:
  • Spiritual Alchemy, Human Condition and the Meditative Mind
  • Healing Powers of Breathwork and the Vagus Nerve
  • The Energy Body & the Universal Alignment 
  • Energy Breath: for Chakras and Energy Channels
  • Bliss Breath
  • Customize four sessions by choosing: Kosmic Breath; Guided Breathwork; Reiki; or coaching sessions specific to your needs.




"There is Brian, and there is Alecia, and then there is Brian & Alecia. Each is complete and amazing on his/her own, but together is yet another level entirely. Their different gifts and skills complement each other perfectly, and the synergy of their collaborations will refresh your soul. Together, they have helped me to both find vital bits of myself that I had lost along life's path and discover new spaces for exploration. Their work is truly life-changing."

- Dori Q.

Accelerated Awakening

9-Week Online Group Coaching Program

Starting Date TBD

Be guided and also connect with an exclusive and private tribe of individuals who have embarked on their awakening adventure.

Here's what this package includes: 

  • 9-Weeks Group Awakening Coaching limited to exclusive members who show genuine interest in the awakening process.
  • 90-minute weekly group lessons, discussions and practice. Presented online and available for you to reference back to at any time. 
  • 60-minute weekly online group Q&A sessions. Available for you to reference back to at any time. 
  • Daily Breathwork & Meditation that are customized to fit your needs.
  • Online courses, video lessons & audio/video practices.
  • Office Hours - (30 minute time slots available first come first serve).
  • Unlimited Email Access.
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Group.

Also Includes:


Expect to dedicate yourself to 15-20 minutes of breathwork and meditation for a minimum of 90-120 days for guaranteed "extraordinary" results.

Weekly Topics/Practices will include:

  1. What is Awakening? How common people are unknowingly experiencing the symptoms of awakening and what it looks like in our lives.
  2. Understanding "The Human Dis-ease" and why we must Awaken to experience true fulfillment. 
  3. Freeing Yourself: Remove the distractions getting in the way to living your best life.
  4. Rewire Yourself: The key to overcoming stress, anxiety, fear, trauma and "The Human Disease." 
  5. Living an Authentic Life: Karma and the importance of a daily practice.
  6. The Healing Powers of Breath and the Vagus Nerve.
  7. Energy, Sexuality & Spirituality: How to balance energy and live with freedom through wholeness. Includes 1hr Transcendental Breathwork & Sound Journey "The Shaman Within"
  8. The Energy Body: Kundalini Energy, The Chakras, The Aura & Universal Alignemnt. Includes 1hr Transcendental Breathwork & Sound Journey "The Gift of the Infinite"
  9. Course Review: Dedicated to open ended discussion, review & perfecting your daily practice. Includes 1hr Transcendental Breathwork & Sound Journey "Third Eye Opening"


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What is a Spiritual Awakening?

When we literally “wake up” and start to see things from a place of acceptance and receive the infinite gifts of this lifetime. We question our old beliefs, habits, societal norms, and recognize that there is more than what we were ever led to believe. We recognize that we are no longer sheep in a herd, being manipulated by materialism and instead want to become the master of our own reality.


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